Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Years

So after an entire day of "labor" and thwarting my fantastic doctor off several times, she finally said I needed a C Section. I cried. I asked for my Mommy. I realized that the only way my baby was going to come out healthy was for me to put what I wanted aside. After that, everything is a blur. An Australian anesthesiologist came in. Brian changed into scrubs. There was a really mean nurse in the room. And then at 2:18 am I heard Wyatt. I caught a quick glimpse of him before he was checked out and taken to the nursery. I don't remember much after that for about an hour. They finished the operation and then I went to post op (sorry, but I'd been awake for 21 hours and I'd been on drugs all day - I was exhausted).

Finally Brian came into the post op room and told me how beautiful our son was. The nurses wheeled me back into my Labor & Delivery room and then I got to see my baby boy. It was fantastic. I couldn't believe he was ours. He was so beautiful. And then he latched right on to eat. He was perfect.

After sitting in the hospital for practically the entire day, and staying well into the morning, Wyatt got to meet his grandparents and Uncle Matt and Aunt Katie. They got to learn his name because we kept it a secret. Then they went home. Wyatt went back to the nursery for more newborn stuff. And Brian and I got about an hour of sleep before we started our first full day as the parents of Wyatt Allan.

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