Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking Care of Puppy

Today was such a beautiful day that I had to get the kids outside. I brought the exersaucer out for Reese and I brought the sidewalk chalk out for Wyatt. He had fun coloring for a little bit while I weeded, but then he started to show signs of boredom. Then he looked over and saw that black lab statue that sits in our front stoop. He went over to it and said "Hi Noelley," and picked it up. He started lugging it around the yard with him saying things like "Noelley want to play in the grass." Then he decided that she was hungry and thirsty. He took our two planters that sit outside and put them next to each other (just like Noelle's bowls). He picked up some dirt and put it in one planter, and then decided to use the hose (which he also refers to as a "fire truck") to "fill" up the other bowl. Sadly, it's been almost four months since we lost our precious girl, but I'm amazed at how well Wyatt remembers the things to do to take care of his puppy!

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