Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol: Week 3

Motown week was pretty good. A few observations:

- I saw Jill Zarin from the Real Housewives of New York in the audience last night. I love her!

- Could I possibly be the only person in America slightly irritated by the insinuation of the judges that "especially" Lil should be good at Motown? Um yeah, she's African American, but I'm pretty sure that there isn't some kind of "good at Motown" gene that goes along with that. I don't like "Heatwave" anyway. And note to Simon: her name is actually short for Lillian. Not "little." You know, like Lil and Phil from Rugrats?

- Adam Lambert was actually (ahem) awesome. It pained me to type that because I don't get the whole dark mystique surrounding him.

- Anoup - average. He can sing, but I didn't like the song (sung by him, I like Smoky's version). That's hard for me to admit because I love Anoup, but I'm not so blinded by fandom that I don't reconize his average-ness.

- Scott:Michael:Megan: Bottom Three. Uck y'all. Uck.

- Danny Gokey: at last, someone besides me isn't all in love with him. Sweet redemption.

- I really am starting to like Kris Allen. He's just like, a regular guy. I don't think he needs to be conceited at all. I think he's precious.

- Allison can sing. I think her awesome performance last night (I am a die hard Temptations fan) saved her. Plus she went last. That's always good or a few extra votes.

- Matt Giraud is now my favorite. I think the guy can sing. He can play the piano, and he's really good. My only concern is that he might be missing the "It" factor, but I think he could really emerge as an awesome performer over the next few weeks. I think his first performance ("Viva La Vida") was his worst.

My Picks
Bottom Three: Megan Joy, Michael Sarver and Scott McIntire
Peace Out: Megan Joy. Simon said he thinks she's in trouble, she was terrible (with an emphasis on the "terr"), and I think Michael Sarver might have a legitimate fan base. But I wouldn't be shocked if he went home instead. We'll have to see...

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