Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seven Months Old!

Reese is seven months old today! I can't believe how big she's getting and how much she's learning. She's definitely becoming more alert and showing off her personality. And she is definitely more laid back than that brother of hers! She is perfectly content sitting on the floor playing with her toys or sitting in her exersaucer gumming on something. If she cries it's because she legitimately wants something...not just because she wants the attention!

Today she said her first word! I was cleaning up from baby food making (today I made carrots and apple/pear sauce) and when I turned off the water I heard "Mama!" I'm telling you, it was complete deja vu from when Wyatt said his first word. I was doing the exact same thing (standing at the sink), and as soon as I turned the water off he said "Mama" too! How crazy is that? We'll just have to see if she keeps saying it. Wyatt said Mama for about 2 weeks and didn't utter my name again until he was 15 months old.

She sits like a champ (and has been for awhile), but she's now become very interested in her feet. Putting them in her mouth while she's laying down, bending over as far as possible to reach them, whatever it takes, she'll get it done. She will put herself to sleep at night when I lay her down in her crib, but she's only slept through the night once. She typically wakes up around 4 to eat and falls back asleep.

She sits up in the tub now (no more baby bathtub for her), and she LOVES it. I couldn't stand letting that big baby tub take up any more space in the kids' bathroom, and now I can plop both kids in the tub together. I rarely use her car seat as a carrier anymore, so I think I might get her convertible car seat soon. I saw an adorable Britax Boulevard pattern online. It's the same car seat that Wyatt uses and I love that thing. I'll just have to wait for our tax return to get it...

Her brother is probably her favorite person in the world. Any time he comes near her she smiles (unless he's coming towards her on his ATV. In that case I have to run over and pick her up before he runs her over). He loves to make her laugh and try to tickle her. Anytime she babbles he says "Baby Sissy talking." When she cries he says "Baby Sissy fussy. She's crying." I asked Wyatt the other night if he wants another baby and he scrunched up his little face in a smile and said "yes." I love watching the two of them interact, they love each other so much!

Reese is definitely a scheduled baby. She eats in the morning around 6 before I get up for work and then she eats cereal and fruit at 9. She doesn't have any milk until I feed her when I get home around 12:30. She falls asleep while I feed her, naps for about 2.5 hours, and then eats again when she wakes up. I feed her cereal and a veggie at 5 and then I feed her again right before bed. I love her routine. I don't know how people do on demand nursing after 4 months!

Sorry I don't know what is wrong with this desktop, but it won't upload my pictures! I'll upload them onto the laptop when my husband gives it back to me! Here are her pictures form her other monthly birthdays!

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