Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Weekend = Zoo Time!

This weekend was beautiful, which I was thankful for since last weekend was absolutely disgusting. Brian got back in town on Friday night and we were all eager for some family time, so off to the zoo we went.

Wyatt was ready to walk out of the house as soon as heard he heard me say "zoo." He kept walking around trying to pull us up saying "Wyatt's gonna go look at the animals?" Once we got to the zoo he was off! He wanted to look at everything, and he wanted to do it quickly. He would stop, take a look at an animal, shout its name, and then run off to the next thing. Brian and I are convinced that he thought that every giraffe he saw was a different giraffe than one he'd already seen.

He has an amazing memory (I'm not that surprised by that because I remember everything - just ask my husband :)). He knew as we approached each section of the zoo which animal we were going to see next. He does the same thing when we're in the car. While we're driving along he recognizes where we're going ("Wyatt gonna get a haircut and play with trains?," "Gonna go to Target and get Daddy Juice?").

While we were watching the giraffes (and Wyatt was already telling me that he wanted to see the birdies), we ran into Shannon and Tyler. Wyatt is usually excited to Tyler, but he had no interest in socializing, he wanted to see the next animal. The only thing he looked at for an extended period of time were the meerkats. He loves those things!

We had to walk through the dreaded barnyard to see the chickens, pigs and cows and then we left. We apparently got to the zoo just in time because it was PACKED when we were leaving. It was already crowded when we got there, we had to park far away, but it was even more crowded when we left.

We came home and put the kids down for naps (and Brian too, he'd had a few long days), and then we went to Brian's parents house. Wyatt got to play on the swings for a little bit and then we left the kids and went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was my first time there and it was really good. Brian and I played trivia while we ate, and I don't want to brag, but we're pretty fierce competition. Like I said, I remember everything, and Brian and I both have a wealth of useless knowledge.

Excited to be at the zoo!
Sitting on the butterfly in the butterfly garden
Watching the ducks!
Checking out the prairie dogs!
Reesie is excited to be at the zoo!


  1. I love Reese's hat, super cute. I will send you a list of some thrift stores in the vb area. Unfortunately I have not been to any in a long time so I have to ask my mom. Start looking for yard sales too in that area, they are the bestest too! By the way Happy Belated Birthday. :)

  2. Brian took Liam to the Zoo on Saturday, too. (I was on a Girls' Weekend in OBX.) The meerkats were also mentioned - evidently they were quite active.

  3. That's because there is a new one! They got rid of the old man meerkat and replaced him with a boy meerkat pup. They want them to make meerkat babies!