Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas at Mimi and Baba's

Sooooo, just to pick up from where we last left off, we spent Christmas morning opening presents, and then followed it up with lunch and a nap.  We went over to Brian's parents' house for dinner and more presents!
Hudson took his time on Christmas morning, but by the time we got to Mimi and Baba's, this kid was all about opening presents.  He opened one, checked it out, and then moved onto the next swiftly.
Oh look!  Photographic evidence that I was actually at Christmas!  This is rare, but I assume I'm only in a picture because I was holding the baby.
This was a big moment for case you can't tell by the look on his face.
Mimi and Baba have him the Imaginext Castle, which has basically been on his wish list forever.  It's interactive, and he can use it with some of his other toys.  He loves this thing!
 After the presents were opened, Reese and Hudson went to the kitchen to play Soccer Girls with Baba!
 And then we all settled in to watch Sophia the First.  Such a great Christmas movie!
Not so much.
 And Wyatt played with his castle.  Of course.
And that about wraps up our Christmas Day. We had a fantastic Christmas this year.  Christmas can be overwhelming and stressful (fortunately my husband takes the pressure off of me by doing the bulk of the shopping),  but it is so worth it with these guys.  As a parent, there is really nothing like watching your kids experience the thrill of Christmas morning.  There's also nothing quite like trying to find a place for all the toys...I'm still working on that. Yikesabee!

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