Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Morning: Part Two

A few more goodies from Christmas morning.
Reese asked Santa for an ice cream maker, y'all.  She sat on the man's lap and asked for a real, honest to goodness, ice cream maker.
Fortunately, she didn't remember that we already have an ice cream maker that Brian and I were given as a wedding gift. 
So we slapped a bow on that puppy and our Santa's work was done.
And Wyatt.  For some reason this guy saw fit to ask Santa for a spy kit.  I think this came about on the playground at school, but I honestly have no clue.
I had no idea where to start with my search for a spy kit.  Fortunately Target had one on an end cap, and we were able to give him a nice, inexpensive kit for him to you know, do spy things with.
Reese was also surprised with a Doc McStuffins set.  This little girl was in love.
Finley got in on the present opening.
Not really.
I just wanted to get a shot of the girls in their matching outfits.  Precious!
Wyatt made a gift for us at school, and he insisted that we keep it wrapped until Christmas morning.  It is a beautiful golden wreath made out of a plate and pasta shells. Love it!
After we opened presents and played for a bit, the big kids went down for naps and quiet time.  I took advantage of the time alone with Miss Finley and took a few pictures.
I love this little smile. 
And the big bow is kind of adorable, too.
"Santa! I know him!"
Finley settled in for a nap afterwards, and then we experienced a true Christmas miracle: Brian and I were able to take a nap before it was time to head to his parents house for Round 3!

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  1. They are all so precious! I love the pictures! Finley is just beautiful!