Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Odds & Ends

Some days I feel like I barely have time to catch up with well, anything.  I consider a day "winning" if I'm completely dressed when I take the big kids to school. 
Really.  If I'm out of my pajamas and pink Uggs, it's gonna be a good day.  Or at least, it might be.
This little girl.  Oh, I love her.
But she seriously has GOT to sleep.  As soon as possible. 
Oh my goodness she is precious.
But for the last week she has been up every 2 or 3 hours.  I give her a dream feed before I go to bed.  But she's still up every two hours all night.  And that doesn't work for me.  I'm pretty sure I haven't gotten a complete night's sleep since May? Last night she was up every two hours, and Wyatt and Reese were in our bed (they both usually appear between 2AM and 5AM).  I told Brian this morning that this set up would be a perfect torture system.  I wake up with Finley, feed her (in the complete quiet and darkness because I have two children in my bed), and get her back down.  After I fall back asleep, I wake up every 5 minutes.  Why?  Because I am being kicked, pushed (by someone's bottom), or my personal favorite, slapped in the face by a hand.  That happens the most.  I take a hand to the face at least 4 times a night!
I'm not kidding you.  My children are insane sleepers.  I'm not even convinced they're sleeping.  I think they might be practicing some form of Martial Arts.  If preventing me from sleeping was a test, they would have their black belts.
Finley is enjoying her cloth diapers.  I recently added a few more diapers to our stock because as much as I would like for Hudson to be potty trained, I don't think he's ready.  Hopefully in the next few months!
Reese is obsessed with books, which means that she's very much like me.  When I was little I was obsessed with reading, and she loves to look at books.  She finally got her first reader at school, and she is pushing herself to learn.  She really wants to read her new Tinkerbell book by herself!
Hudson is currently obsessed with football.  He might actually make an exception to his "I'm not going to take anything to bed with me" rule if I gave him the football.  It might be nice to cuddle with.  But he's more interested in tackling.  He runs at Wyatt and shouts "TACKLE!"
While we don't live in a place with snow or any crazy weather, it is COLD here, y'all.  I hate cold.  I think bulky jackets are (for the most part) a complete waste of money (they have to be taken off for the car seat to be safe, we don't go outside when it's THAT cold, they're uncomfortable, and they're not worth the money for them to be worn so rarely), so we don't buy them.  We just layer.
But this week is requiring LOTS of layers.
Hudson was very excited when he and Daddy matched this morning!
 And Finley Quinn.  She's good at keeping her hats on.  And wearing them well! 
 Socks?  Not so much.

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