Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project 365: Week 1

So last year I was going to take a photo of the kids every day.  And I failed.  I mean, I was pregnant.  And my phone also died in June.  But enough excuses.
I am really going to try my best this year.  To convince you, I actually did it every day for the first week of the year.  Only 358 days left!
I posted most of these on Instagram (brittneylynn35).
 Tuesday, January 1
This is what boys do.
Wednesday, January 2
And this is what girls do.  She is a mess sometimes.
Thursday, January 3
Wyatt is such a little boy.  Rough.  Loud.  All over the place.  But not with Finley.
Friday, January 4
Finley cried alllll night while Brian was at a hockey game.  Not fun for me.
Saturday, January 5
Wyatt has started his basketball season.  He was showing me how he shoots.
Sunday, January 6
Brian and I went to see Lincoln.  My sister braved all 4 kids by herself! Loved seeing this sweet little sleeping face when we got home.
Monday, January 7
Hudson and Brian took a moment to read while we waited for the doctor at Finley's appointment.

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