Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day!

It snowed today!  We don't get it often, but when we do everything basically shuts down.  We had nothing to eat in the house, so I made a Target run during nap time.  I walked out into crazy flurries, and it was sticking!
This kids begged to go outside.  But it didn't start with the Talls, it actually started with Hudson.  He was standing in the playroom saying, "goooooo.  snooooooow."  I guess he's been paying attention to Caillou, because he was only 2 months old the last time we got snow! 
Since we don't have snow clothes, we did lots and lots and lots of layering today!
Reesie wore 2 pairs of leggings and Wyatt's warm up pants!
 And he wore 2 pairs of sweats and 3 shirts!
 They had the best time throwing "snowballs" and making snow angels.  The also left snowballs in the mailbox as "mail."
 In case you were wondering whether or not she was still making this face...the answer is yes.
 Which is just pitiful when she's go this beautiful smile!
 Look at those cheeks!  He loved playing in the snow, but those mittens would not stay on his little hands!
 The house!  Excuse the last Christmas wreath.  We can't really see that window when we pull up in the driveway and we forgot about it...until we took the picture!
After they finished playing in the front yard, they moved out back.  Brian apparently decided that this was a good idea.  Yes, Wyatt is putting snow on the slide before his siblings slide down.  But it's supervised by an adult, so it must be safe, right?
 And this is my favorite part of a snow day.  I get to stay inside with the baby (or stand on the porch and take pictures), and then I get to clean all this up.  Lucky!
 It really was all worth it to watch the kids have so much fun.  But I am kind of seeing the point of snow clothes...

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