Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up

Yes, I know it's January.
December got away from me. But since I blog because I don't, you know, scrapbook or anything, these are things I don't want to forget!
Before our Disney trip, we went to see Santa Claus and then went to the Garden of Lights.  Hudson didn't want anything to do with Santa, but he was willing to hold Reese's hand and stand nearby.  I know everyone isn't smiling, but at least they're all looking at the camera.
Next year I'm hoping I get another screaming baby photo.  I wonder if that's putting too much pressure on Finley?  I would also like to make sure that my oldest child actually gets a haircut before we make our visit.
And just a few more pictures from our Christmas...
 This is the kids and Brian before they opened presents the day after Christmas.  Hudson's lackadaisical attitude on Christmas left him many presents to open, and the big kids still hadn't opened their presents for each other. So we had another small present opening the day after.  It was kind of intentional because we still wanted something to look forward to after all the hoopla. Christmas can be so depressing when you realize it's all over.  We like to drag it out!
 Hudson got his own small train set for Christmas, and he loves it!  We already have the whole table, but we wanted to get him something just for him. We saw that they make Chuggington trains for wooden tracks now, and we were sold!  He LOVES them.  The train table is upstairs now (there was an issue when he was younger.  He preferred to throw trains across the room), but we're going to be moving it downstairs for him to play with now.
 It's very exciting to watch a train go downhill!
And to quote Hudson, "Oh no! Oh no!"
We had a fantastic Christmas this year, and it's crazy to think that it's been a year since we found out about Finley, and now we've celebrated her first Christmas!  It does get so much more fun as they get older.
And get excited, because this little blog chronicling our lives?  It's about to wrap up our Disney vacation! Hahahahahaha!

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