Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom - Day 6!

After our great day at Magic Kingdom I thought for sure that we were done with the illness.  After we got back to our room on Thursday night I got a jump on packing up the room, and I prepared clothes and backpacks for the next day. I knew that we were going to have an early start the next day to make up for our missed time on Wednesday.

But the kids slept in until 7:30.  The boys jumped out of bed (literally - Hudson started scaling the pack and play), but Reese didn't want to get out of bed.  And then she threw up.  Again.

I felt awful for her, and we decided to send the boys off to the park while we stayed back at the hotel.  Again.

They went off to Hollywood Studios to ride a few more things and to make an all important light saber for Wyatt.  We promised him that he would get to build one if he behaved himself on our trip.  He did a great job, so we kept our promise, of course!

I spent the morning packing more bags and trying to get us ready to come back home while the girls slept.  Reese napped, and then she started eating and felt better, so we decided to meet the boys at Hollywood Studios and then make our way to Animal Kingdom.

By the time we got to Animal Kingdom it was late afternoon, and the animals were definitely livelier than they were in the mornings.  Reese was able to ride up close to a White Rhino...
And so was Wyatt!
We were also able to see Simba taking a stretch!
We tried to get a cute picture of the kids...Hudson wasn't having it, so it didn't turn out quite as cute as last year's photo.
We walked to check out the Nemo musical for the first time.  Um, how can I put this?  We LOVE Finding Nemo, but we probably won't go back to see it on our next visit.  Hudson liked it, but the thing about Disney World is that you pay a ton to go and you want to make every second count, and this show just wasn't quite how we would spend an hour of our time again.
We got back to the hotel and planned to get the kids' pictures taken in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby of the hotel, but only two of the four made it. With four kids you will find that they're not all always in the best of moods.  It's also not easy to get them to fall asleep if you have them all in one room together.  So Brian took the big kids to get pictures while I tried my best to get Hudson and Finley to sleep.

Like I said - this boy and his Woody hat, inseparable!
And after a bit of struggling with this baby boy every night - he finally fell asleep!  He was a big fan of climbing out of the pack and play and then trying to run across the room in his sleep sack.  Or just jumping up and shouting "Surprise!"  There were also of course the times that I would tell him to go to sleep and he would just wag his finger in my face and shout, "NO!"
Yeah, 4 kids + 2 parents + 1 hotel room = a lot of tired people!
But we still had one more day of vacation!

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