Monday, January 14, 2013

Magic Kingdom - Last Day!

Ah - the last day of our vacation has arrived.  We spent a lot of the day finishing up the "must do's", or doing the things we really loved one more time!
We went to Hollywood Studios in the morning because we wanted to ride Toy Story Mania one more time.  That didn't happen.  We were at the gate when Hollywood Studios opened, and by the time we got to the ride the Fast Passes for the day were gone!  The wait time was already 80 minutes, so we let Reese make her purple light saber and left by nine.
We went to the Magic Kingdom one more time by way of our hotel.  We wanted to take the boat to the park!
We stopped in the lobby so the kids could pretend they were on the railway.
And then we caught the boat. They were mapping out our day.
And she was making this face.  Again.
We stopped at Casey's so Brian and Wyatt could check out the baseball equipment.
And then we rode some rides.  Hudson begged for Dumbo. The big kids wanted to ride the Barnstormer.  And Buzz Lightyear.  And for some reason, our children LOVE the People Mover.  But it was a Saturday and it was sooooo crowded.  Honestly, we will probably never go back to the Magic Kingdom on a Saturday again.  It was nuts!  Brian and I make lists each time we come home from Disney about what we'll do differently on our next trip - and that was a HUGE takeaway this time.  We should have known better, but we wanted that to be our last stop!
We visited with Donald and Goofy before we caught the afternoon parade.  Brian and the kids were able to get Fast Passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but by the time we got there it was shut down.  We took that as our hint to head back to the hotel!
We were on the road by six the next morning.  In fact, Brian looked at the clock in the van and said, "Look at us, on the road by six." We stopped for gas...and our battery died.  No lie.  We were able to jump it thanks to Brian's dad and we were back on the road by 6:45.  But seriously?!  That's how our vacation ended? And I haven't even mentioned that Brian's Jeep broke down at 10PM the night before we left to go to Florida.  It was able to be repaired for $45 - but seriously?!

We were making good time after that.  We stopped for lunch and the kids ate in the car.  Bathroom stops take a lot of time when you have to feed a baby, and change diapers, and get big kids to the bathroom. though! 

Then around 4:00 Hudson got sick.  In the car In his car seat. 

We were at a rest stop so I was able to change him and cover up his seat, and we got back on the road. I moved to the back so I could stay with him.  He was fairly consistent in his illness, but I was able to keep it contained.  By the time we got home at seven he seemed fine.  He also stayed awake until nine!

We had a great vacation, but it's always so nice to get back home.  Except for the laundry :).  For some reason everybody gets their clothes dirty, and then it's my job to clean it.  And after all the illness, we brought home a surplus!

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  1. I know you guys had the best time! We did too! I loved seeing your pictures.