Friday, January 11, 2013

Magic Kingdom - Day 5!

So we're back to our Disney trip now that we're all done with Christmas.  After I'm done with the trip I might have more boring every day life-ish things to blog about.  But maybe not.  I may have forgotten one or two things about Christmas.  Oops.

Anyway, here are the recaps of the first four days of our trip -
Day 1 - Magic Kingdom

We all woke up on Thursday morning feeling fine.  Trust me, I was up all night listening to every cough, checking every movement, and watching every kid like a hawk (and feeding Finley).  After my adventures with Reese and her stomach bug, I was on edge!

We decided to get the Magic Kingdom early so that we could try Belle's Enchanted Tales, which is another part of the new Fantasyland.  It's set up to look like Belle's cottage from Beauty and the Beast, and then she tells the story of how she met the Beast with "audience participation."

Here is the well at the entrance of the cottage.
Oh, dear me.  This is the pose that Reese adopted for the last few days of our trip.  I'm  not sure what she's doing, but this was her first instinct when we told her to smile. 
Once you get in the cottage they assign parts to people who want to participate.  Wyatt raised his hand and was chosen to be the Beast.  He quickly changed his mind.  Reese was assigned the role of a picture frame, and that didn't last long either.
At the end, everyone still got to meet Belle. And as an added bonus, she gave them all a bookmark!
While we tried to escape the rain the big kids went to see Gaston.  Wyatt tried to challenge him...
And he made Reesie swoon.
Finley and I basically rotated between the Moby and the Ergo the entire trip.  Now that she's getting bigger, the Ergo is really more convenient.  She was not a fan of the stroller.
We stopped in a shop in Frontierland and Wyatt saw a cowboy hat that he had to have.  First of all, when a little boy named Wyatt asks for a cowboy hat, you don't say no. It was also just like Woody's, so there was no way to avoid it!  When we went to visit with Woody and Jessie, Woody signed Wyatt's new hat.  He was thrilled!
He wore it everywhere for the next two days.  No lie - he fell asleep in it every night!
Riding the train with Daddy.  He also found a sheriff's badge with his name on it.  Now that we're home and the kids have become obsessed with The Andy Griffith Show, this sheriff's badge has become even more important!
Reese felt like sharing her best stories with Aladdin and Jasmine.  Clearly a very animated storyteller.
Aladdin and Jasmine are always two of the best characters to visit.  They take their time, tell the kids funny stories, and they really interact with them.  They have the best time with them!
Finley snuggling with Daddy.  My back enjoyed the break :).

Pretty sure this is a view that not many people stop to see.  The castle from Princess Tiana's garden.
Hudson enjoyed all the extra time that he got with Daddy while we were on vacation.  He also really enjoyed his leash.  Really. I felt like every parent around me was judging me for having my kid on a leash, but whatever.  He loved being free!
The kids aren't huge fans of The Princess and the Frog, but Princess Tiana and Naveen were a big hit!

It is amazing how quickly a day passes on vacation!  There were times that I looked at my phone to see what time it was and I was shocked.  It was hard to make sure everyone was eating and drinking on time and not losing it.  My kids have snacks and lunch at the same time every day, and I think not staying on top of that contributed to a few rough moments. 

We tried our best to make sure we checked the time, but most nights we didn't even get to dinner until 8, and our kids usually eat at 5...and they're usually in bed by 8!  In the future, their schedules are definitely something I want to keep track of on future vacations.

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