Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project 365: Week 3

 Another week's worth of pictures!  Brian and I are just starting to get better at taking out our "real camera" to get pictures instead of always using our phones, but I feel like I always have the wrong lens on the camera when we go to use it!   So iPhone pictures it is! 
Tuesday, January 15
Wyatt got his tenth reader at school!  His last reader was a BEAST.  It was about 120 pages long and he got it just before we went to Disney World, and then he had two weeks off for Christmas.  It gave him lots of new opportunities to sound out words :). But we finally made it all the way through!
 Wednesday, January 16
Hudson in his new Darth Vader towel.  He keeps saying "You don't know the power of the dark side."  He makes his little voice sound like a growl when he says it!
 Thursday, January 17
Finley found her toes while she was hanging out in her car seat!
 Friday, January 18
Reese came out of her room during Quiet Time (which was inconvenient because I was trying to watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal) and her hands were freezing!  She decided to warm them up by the fireplace.  (There's glass there in case you're concerned that I let my children hang out by open fire.)
She also tried to use this opportunity to con me into letting her watch the new Sofia the First. AGAIN.  She's obsessed.  So is Hudson. He calls her "Fia, Huddoo pincess."
 Saturday, January 19
Hudson and I got in extra cuddles at bedtime!  Wyatt spent the night with my mom, Reese went to the hockey game with Brian, and Finley went to sleep.  I love when he "reads" me his books!
 Sunday, January 20
"I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown!  Time for your check up!"
 Monday, January 21
We had a lot of fun watching the inauguration together!  The kids asked lots of fun questions about the Presidency, and they stayed on the lookout for the Secret Service.  Wyatt also really enjoyed trying to match the military uniforms with their branch, and looking for snipers on top of buildings!  He is all boy.

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  1. My youngest boy LOVES fire. Seriously, he runs right for it! So we don't even use our fireplace anymore.
    Your kids are seriously beyond cute. And your phone takes great pictures!