Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Weekend

After the snowfall on Friday night, we woke up Saturday morning expecting Wyatt's basketball game to be cancelled.  Seriously, everything stops here at the first sight of snow.  It was crazy reading Facebook updates on Friday night - it was taking some people up to 3 hours to get home! 
The roads were actually clear enough for basketball games to start at 10:30, so Wyatt's game was still on!  We still spent the early morning cleaning up and hanging out around the house.  Hudson begged me to bring this toy downstairs, but he's not the one who ended up playing with it.
 These kids have about a million toys, but they were somehow drawn to this baby toy!
 Wyatt had a great game!  He really likes to dribble the ball, so sometimes it's difficult to get him to pass the ball. I often wonder if his plan is to just stand there and dribble to show off.  He decided to take a shot, and he got his first basket of the season! 
His friend Aden from his baseball team is guarding him.  He and his friends from baseball have the best time together, and he was very excited to see Aden. We went out to lunch with his family afterwards, and I'm pretty sure the highlight of the lunch was when a fire truck came to put out a fire someone had started in the dumpster at the restaurant!
Sunday morning the kids were playing, and Wyatt decided that he wanted to be an elf.  He was just sitting there, watching everyone like this.  I think that they're starting to miss their buddy Parker! 
Since we weren't really doing much, I turned on the videos that Brian made me for Mother's Day when Wyatt and Reese were babies.  The videos have a bunch of pictures of them when they were teeny tiny, and they're so sweet.  We watched Wyatt's first, and about halfway through Reese's, Wyatt shouted, "Hey!  I have a loose tooth!"  Absolutely crazy.  Sometimes it seems like he was just born yesterday, and now he's about to lose his teeth?
And yes, teeth.  After I checked, he does actually have two loose teeth.  Both of his middle bottom teeth are ready to come out!
I can't wait to see his toothless smile, though!
Speaking of a good toothless smile, look at this little beauty!  Her eyes almost look brown here, but they're really gray.  Or maybe green.  I'm not really sure what they are, but they're not brown!
While I was taking toys down, I brought her exersaucer out of the attic.  Oh my goodness, she loved it.  She would not stop teething on this little elephant!  Love her!

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