Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Bundle of Energy

Wyatt is an active little boy. Like, very active.  He has bundles of energy.  Like, bundles and bundles.
He rarely sits.  If he's up, he's doing something.  From the time he was 17 months old, he wouldn't just watch TV.  He watched TV and practiced throwing a ball.  Or he perfected his swing.  Or he pretended to run the bases.  In the house.  Right now he plays hockey in front of the TV.
We do our best to keep him involved in a sport or activity every season.  I know.  That sounds crazy, shuffling one of my four kids off to practices and games.  Especially when that involves getting all the other kids out of the house to get him where he needs to be.  It is crazy.  But Brian handles the practices, so I just have to worry about the games!
Sports keep him active, and they keep him interested in keeping his body healthy.  They teach him to work hard.  We're able to use them as a talking point about the healthy foods his body needs to play sports ("use it."  That doesn't mean it always works!) . It gives him a bit of a competitive drive (which is actually not something he lacks thanks to his genetic makeup), and he can harness his energy for good (sometimes)!
I always thought his interest in ice hockey would go away.
I was wrong.
He talks about it all the time.
You can't play ice hockey unless you can skate, so he started ice skating lessons last week.  It was absolutely crazy watching him skate across the ice.  It was also absolutely painful to watch him fall.  He spent the first 20 minutes falling and getting back up, and then finally was able to skate back and forth without falling!  I was so happy that he was able to skate, but I was proud of him for falling and getting back up over and over again.  What a lesson for a five year old to learn!
He's also playing basketball for the second time.  He loves it.
The dribbling.
Watching the clock run out.
And passing the ball.
He tends to use his "downtime" for one thing.
Cuddling with his baby sister.  She absolutely adores him. 
Probably because she likes to watch things that move really, really fast!

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  1. That is soo sweet! I have a feeling that my boy will be just like that!