Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project 365: Week 4

 Tuesday, January 22
Hudson woke up that morning feeling miserable.  He couldn't talk, and this was his reaction to breakfast.  I'm pretty sure it was all an act though, because he was fine by the time we got back from school drop off!
 Wednesday, January 23
She loves to chomp on her Sophie.  But she also likes to talk to her, too.  I'm not sure whether Sophie the Giraffe understands dolphin calls though.
 Thursday, January 24
I can't believe how tight her baseball hat is getting!  I'm hoping it still fits her through this baseball season.
Friday, January 25
Snow Day!
Saturday, January 26
Hudson has NEVER wanted to take anything to bed with him.  Nothing.  He won't even take a regular blanket to bed, only his sleep sack! On Saturday night, he ran into the family room, shouted "Rudolph!," and then carried his reindeer into the bathroom and then up the stairs.  He threw him in his crib, and even fell asleep with him.  I don't think he enjoyed it, because Rudolph hasn't been allowed in the crib since!
 Sunday, January 27
I know, I know.  You know about the kid's loose teeth already!
 Monday, January 28
Princess Day at school to finish her unit about princesses, castles, knights, and dragons.  The decision about which princess to be was DRAMA, but she finally settled on Rapunzel!  She also ended up being the only Rapunzel in her class. She made a hat and wand to go along with the dress - perfection!
 And just a few more...
I'm on the left.  You know who is on the right :).
Finley really loves Wyatt. He calms her down instantly!  I'm not sure how...
 Hudson and his beanie!  He LOVES to match his Daddy.  And we all love that pitchers and catchers report in 14 days!!!

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