Thursday, January 3, 2013

Four Months Old!

Finley, Finley, Finley.  Baby girl, you have got to slow down some!  I can not believe that you are already 4 months old!
Here's our sweet baby girl this morning!
Stickers from Watch Me Grow
I know that I'm interrupting my Christmas posts, but I figured it was more important to keep her timeline updated :)
  • Finley is about 14 pounds.  At least, based on my exact measurements on our scale :).  She has her 4 month appointment with Dr. Jones on Monday, so we'll know for sure then.
  • She is wearing 3 month sleepers and 3-6 month clothes. 
  • She's is wearing a Size 2 in her Pampers, and she's up a smidgen in her cloth diapers.  We were dealing with terrible diaper rashes last month, and I think the cause was the Target diapers.  She does much better in Pampers.  I have been terrible about cloth diapering this month.  Between our vacation, our stomach bug, and Christmas I just haven't been able to keep up with the laundry.  But we are back in business with cotton bottoms now! 
  • She is still exclusively breast fed.  She's eating on demand, about 7-8 times a day!
  • We are going through a growth spurt.  She was only waking up once, but we're back to twice a night.  Such is life with a baby.
  • She sleeps pretty well in her Rock n 'Play, and she also sleeps in it during nap time now.  We're saving some money on batteries finally!
  • She is a gassy baby, and she also only poops once a week.  I know it's completely normal for some breastfed babies, but I haven't experienced it before.  I think it's also a little painful for her to only poop once a week.  She cries when she goes through her "pooping day"!
  • I wouldn't say that she and her car seat are BFF's, but things have gotten better.  I think a 12 hour car ride back and forth to Florida probably had something to do with increasing her tolerance.
  • She takes a short morning nap, and a long afternoon nap. 
  • She likes playtime in her Bumbo, especially if it's in conjunction with some sort of teething toy.  Her new Sophie and her teething ring are the best options for that.
  • Finley loves her Ergo.  She likes movement and she likes to be worn.  I love having my hands free.
  • She is sooo close to rolling from back to tummy, but she stops halfway and just hangs out!
  • She has found her voice in the last month.  She squeals at the top of her lungs.  She has earned the nickname "Flipper" because she makes little dolphin cries.  They are the cutest thing ever, especially the little surprised look on her face when she makes a really loud cry!  She is the smiliest baby, and I just love our conversations!
  • She has been drooling a lot, but I hadn't felt any teeth along her gumlime - until tonight.  I felt a tooth pop up, but it's not one of her front bottom teeth!  She's actually cutting one of her back teeth - how crazy is that?
Here are a few more snapshots of her month, a lot of them are of her trip to Disney World!
Sleepy girl at Disney World.  This is the first time she was in her stroller all week...
And this was the second and final time.  I carried this little girl in the Ergo almost every. single. second. of the trip!
 Getting ready to leave our hotel for the day. Love her reindeer hat!
She was mid yawn, but she looks like she's roaring!  I loved her little Ariel onesie.
 I try to re-use as many of their Christmas clothes as possible, and this little sleeper was Hudson's.  We glammed it up with a new bow, and voila, it's Finley's first Christmas outfit!
 Finley is content when she's being held by Wyatt (who is surprisingly gentle),
 but she tends to be skeptical of her big sister!  Ha!
And this is probably one of my favorites of her this month!  I took this on Christmas while the other kids were having quiet time.  Love this sweet smiley girl!

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