Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oops...Christmas Program!

I forgot something.
The kids' Christmas Program.  It was the day after we got home from Disney World.  I actually laid the clothes for the program out on their beds before we went on vacation. I knew it would be crazy when we got home!

This was the first time that they had their "performance" on the same day, which was beneficial in two ways.  First, we got to see the kids sing "Feliz Navidad" together.  Lucky!

Brian, Wyatt, and I also got the stomach bug the next day, and we would have missed it if it had been a different day that week.
Seriously.  How did I not get this boy's haircut?!?!  Mom. Fail.
This was the first time they ever sang a song together at school.  Their faces crack. me. up.
Okay, this is also amusing.  I don't remember what he is saying to her, but the look on her face is basically "you are really ridiculous.  Whatever."
It was probably the best first day back that they could have.  From the craziness of a week off on vacation to a party day. They had their program, their class parties, and then they worked on their Christmas Crafts.  Reese made an ornament for the tree, and Wyatt worked on this beauty.
He was very excited to show it off, but he had no interest in eating it!
The best thing was that they sang "Feliz Navidad" over and over again on vacation, and Hudson picked it up.  He joined in when they sang at school, and it just added more adorableness to the day!

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