Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Morning: Part One

I have to split our Christmas up into a few posts.  Because you know, when you have 4 kids, you take a lot of pictures.  Because memories are important, but also because adult children can be fickle, fickle creatures.  "Why did you take more pictures of her than me?"  Not that I've ever said that.  I was the first born, so my childhood is well documented.

The big kids woke up around 5:30, but they were gracious enough to let us sleep until 7:30.  They were well behaved and didn't even take a peek before we were up!  We waited for our parents to come over at 8, so we changed diapers and got breakfast started.
And, you know, we took some pictures, too.

Our little cutie on her first Christmas with her little Santa bag in the background.  I ordered the Santa bags from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago, and they help streamline the Christmas morning chaos.  The kids can read their name on the bag, and they also can't see how many presents they each have :).  I "mail" these back to the North Pole so Santa can use them again next year.
These two have gotten so big since last year!
Love the silly look on her face, and her big brother's smile.  This is typical Wyatt and Reese.
Hudson had a great Christmas morning, but he definitely wanted to take things slow.  He wasn't  interested in jumping from toy to toy, he just wanted to unwrap one, open it, and then play!  Needless to say, the big kids got a lot done while he played.
Finley loves her new Sophie the Giraffe.  This thing costs a pretty penny, but I have learned that it is worth it (and that she costs less on Amazon).  She is a nice little teether - easy to grasp, lots of places to gnaw, and she squeaks!
The award for best Christmas morning reaction goes to Reese when she opened her LeapPad.  She screamed, "an iPad,!" and then fell down on the floor.  Wyatt opened his and followed it up with a dance around the living room.
We usually like to eat breakfast after the kids are done opening their gifts from Santa. It's a nice break, and by then we're usually starving to death!  We also took that opportunity to turn on the Disney World Christmas Parade.  Hudson and Reese were especially interested since we were just there.
Wyatt, Reese, Hudson and Finley had a great Christmas morning.  I'm so thankful that our family can come over and watch them open their presents and share in their excitement of Christmas!

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  1. The peek into the day and life of yours is amazing!! I love reading your blog posts!!

    Your children are adorable!!! Your posts are so captivating and funny!!

    Happy New Year!