Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning at Our Place

Christmas morning was fantastic! Wyatt started stirring around 6:50 so I got up and popped breakfast in the oven. Reese slept until 7:30 - through the night - for the first time. She typically wakes up once around 5 to eat, but that night she didn't.
Brian and I went to get Wyatt, who was jumping up and down in his crib. We changed him in his room so that he wouldn't see the presents when we brought him down. Once he was down here he ran over and climbed on his trike. He loves that thing! While he had breakfast Brian and I exchanged our gifts. I got him a guitar and an IJuke for the IPOD. He also got an assortment of books from the kids :). Brian got me a new coat, season 7 of the Gilmore Girls (he overcame his own hatred of the show to buy it for me, and I've watched all 22 episodes since yesterday), and a ring with Reese's birthstone.
Reese got a walker and a collection of toys for little girls, and Wyatt got his trike, some Star Wars toys, Yankees balls and a baseball bat, and some cars...basically, he got too much. He hasn't looked in his stocking yet, and we still have unopened presents for him under the tree! We hung out around the house for a few hours before we went over to Brian's parents' house for the rest of the day. Our Christmas morning was absolutely perfect!
All ready for Christmas!
The tree with the Christmas stash underneath
I slept through the night last night!
Getting the hang of the peddles!
Wyatt testing out his new trike!
Wyatt saw a leftover half of a cookie from Santa, and decided it looked like a delicious breakfast!
Reese says "Merry Christmas!"
Lining up his toys with Reesie in the background
Like father, like son. As soon as Wyatt opened up his Star Wars bath toys he lined them up perfectly on the carpet with no prompting. Brian used to do the exact same thing with his Star Wars toys, and we have the pictures to prove it!
This was right after Wyatt was getting ready to be a daredevil and decided to count before he made his next move. Brian and I were barely listening because we were exchanging our presents, and then we heard "One, two, five, six, nine, ten." So he's missing some numbers, but I was so proud of him!
Practicing his Evil Canevil moves
Reese using her new Ariel doll as a teether
Proof that Brian and I were both home on Christmas morning
Having SO much fun!
Setting up the Star Wars toys for a ride on the back of the trike!

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