Sunday, December 7, 2008

We Found Our Tree!

This afternoon we went to pick out our Christmas Tree at Hunt Club with Dave, Stephanie and Natalie. It was super cold out so I bundled Reese up (minus the penguin outfit today) and we went to find the perfect tree. We found our tree in about 5 minutes and then I helped find a fresh wreath so Reese and I could get back in the car. It only took the boys about 10 minutes longer to finish up and we were on our way back home.

Brian bought an amazing new tree stand today. It literally took us 3 minutes to get the tree positioned and stable. I feel like we buy a new stand every year, but this stand is amazing. We had a lot of shuffling to do in the family room to make room for the tree, but we got it done. We decided to wait until Wyatt went to bed to get the lights on. The lights are now my job. I like LOTS of lights. In fact I just finished getting them on and I've gotten five strands up and still need 2 or 3 more strands. Granted it's a 9 foot tree, but still! My goal for tomorrow is to go buy the rest of the lights so that we can decorate the tree and watch Christmas Vacation tomorrow night. It's tradition!

The boys spent the rest of the day "baching it up" (if you watch Little People, Big World you know that "baching it up" is what Matt Roloff says they're doing when the girls aren't around) watching football and drinking juice while Reese and I did laundry and changed sheets. Seriously fun stuff.

When we put Wyatt to bed he was warm and we went and checked on him an hour and a half later. He had a fever of 100.7. I gave him some Tylenol and put some VapoRub on him and I'm waiting to see how he is when I go upstairs. I'm afraid he's been outside too much this weekend. I really hope this doesn't get worse. And I pray that Reese doesn't get it. Right now she feels fine, but I guess time will tell....

Reese in her Santa hat before we went to go get the tree

All four of us in front of our tree! Reese is hidden!

The Rav 4 with the tree on top. After years of putting it in the trunk of the Sentra, it's great to finally have a car with racks that we can throw the tree on!

Reese relaxing at home

Wyatt and Daddy baching it up

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  1. I hope they aren't coming down with whatever Molly has! It's brutal!! She is going back to the pediatrician today to make sure it's not developing into RSV...scary stuff!