Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four Months Old!

Reese turned 4 months old on Christmas day! She is getting so big now. I can't believe how quickly the last four months have flown by, and I'm trying to relish every second of Reese's babyhood. If there is one thing that I learned with Wyatt, it's that the time flies by. You can't stop it or slow it down. One day you wake up and realize your baby is a toddler who is becoming more and more independent every day. I can only imagine what it's like once your child becomes an adult.

Over the last month Reese has really found her voice. And it is absolutely beautiful. She coos, but she also just talks. And it's music to my ears. I love to hear her babble to herself. And Wyatt will say "Baby Sissy is talking." She's a champ at lifting her head up when she's on her tummy, and also when she's sitting down. She loves to practice standing, and she loves to smile. Brian and I call her Smiley because she is such a happy little girl.
Her sleeping patterns are changing. Gone is the long morning nap, in favor of more short naps during the day. She's going to bed earlier, and I think we might be getting close to sleeping through the night. It's actually difficult for me to gage sleeping through the night because technically on the days I work she does sleep through the night. But on the days I don't work, I'm not interested in her 5:30 wake up call. Regardless, she goes right back down so it's not a big deal.
I am truly enjoying being a mother to my daughter. I love being a Mommy to both my kids, but I love the difference that come with mothering my son versus mothering my daughter. It's absolutely phenomenal.
Brian's final Christmas present, was actually a present for us all. We've decided to do something that I have always been in favor of, which is to give Reese two middle names. I argued for it from the time we discussed middle names, but Brian wasn't sure. It's going to take some time to get it finalized, because you wouldn't believe what you have to go through to change a four month old's name, but below you'll see some pictures of Reese Lynn Noelle Baker at 10:07 am on Christmas morning when she turned 4 months old!
Hi Daddy!

Is it time for my close up?


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