Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Kind of Bug

So our house has been hit with some sort of stomach/head/achy bug. Last night (Saturday) I was upstairs cleaning our room (which I'd been doing pretty much all evening with Reese watching Gilmore Girls) and I just got hit with hit. Like, one second I was fine and the next second I wasn't. I felt nauseous. Nothing came up, but I fell asleep feeling really crappy.

This morning I woke up feeling fine, with the exception of a bad headache. When I came downstairs, Brian had what I had last night. He still wanted to head to in to work for a little bit to get a few things done, so he called his parents to see if they would come and get Wyatt for a few hours since we both felt bad.

I started to feel better while Brian was at work, but his Mom came and got Wyatt anyway (seriously, we are so lucky. Thank you!). While Wyatt was gone I was able to rest a bit, and Brian came home almost as soon as Wyatt was gone, but he was feeling worse. He went upstairs to get some rest and I stayed downstairs. I've been able to get a few things done today, but never really felt 100%.

Fast forward to the last hour, where I have been up with a nasty, queasy feeling in my stomach. And it's not because I fell asleep watching the Tree Man special on TLC. Brian heard me in the downstairs bathroom (my plan was for Reese and I to spend the night down here so as not to catch his nasty cold) and came down to check on me. He's feeling better. I'm feeling worse. I'm hoping the kids don't get sick...

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  1. That sounds like the same bug that hit Liam the day after Christmas - only, on a Toddler Tummy, it's worse. After countless diapers that should be labeled "Toxic Waste", and three vomit baths for Mama (one in the middle of Cracker Barrel), he's finally back to normal. Hope you all feel better soon, and the kiddos don't get it!