Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ornament of the (Yester)Day!

So yesterday I didn't have time to post an ornament. Why? Well, the answer is simple really. I have um, two kids. They like to do things like, eat, play with Momma and read books. Well, I don't really know if Reese likes to play with me or read books, but she's present when it's happening, so I like to think it makes her happy.
So the other reason that I didn't get to post was because of the ornament of the day. My mom invited me to an ornament exchange for the ladies in her neighborhood. It was a "Dirty Santa." You know the kind where you pick your present, show it off, people steal it from you and you may or may not end up with something that you like? Well, when it was my turn I picked a bag that had two snowmen ornaments in it. Alas, it was stolen. Then I picked another new bag with a seahorse in it. I loved the seahorse. But it was also stolen from me. So I bit back. I stole a different snowman ornament that I liked. And someone stole it from me. Fortunately, that was my last steal. Whatever I picked next belonged to me. And even though my Mom had picked out the seahorse, I stole it back. And it is mine. Only mine. Nope, you can't steal it from me!

And here she is. It's a little eclectic I know. It matched nothing on my tree. And it is uber girly. I mean, even I am not that girly. But I think the earrings just make it perfect. And that is why it is yesterday's ornament of the day!

The whole ornament exchange was pretty fun. I didn't really know anyone. My parents moved a few years ago, and even though I lived in the "new" house for three years I never had the occasion to get know anyone besides the immediate neighbors. A neighbors' daughter was also there with her son who is only 3 days younger than Reese. It was nice to be able to talk to someone about breast milk storage, teething and going back to work...all while having a nice cold drink :).

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