Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

What a day! I put in a few hours at work and left to go get some last minute shopping done. It only took about 45 minutes to hit up three stores, but I knew exactly what I was looking for. While I was at work Wyatt learned "Santa Claus gonna come and bring Wy Wy presents?" Good job Daddy! I came home with a schedule for Brian to follow for the next two hours to get us all out the door to North Carolina on time. Needless to say, even though we both precisely followed that schedule we walked out of the door about 25 minutes late!

We had a super delicious Italian Christmas Eve dinner cooked by my Pucka and opened presents. And the spoiling began! Wyatt and Reese both walked out of the house loaded down! My aunts and grandfather spoiled them...and that was just the first stop! We went to my parents' house next to do Christmas. My Dad is at the Fire Station all day tomorrow, so we went ahead and did Christmas tonight. The train table was on full display when Wyatt walked in, and it took him a second to see it, but he ran for it! He LOVES it. I'm not even going to get into how hard it was to get him to leave it behind (my Dad is going to bring it by later this week). He also got a target for pitching. He was throwing the baseball like a pro...except for the time he hit Reese! She was a little startled, but she's fine! He got a Little People Nascar set from my brother and his fiancee, a T shirt that says "My Aunt Rocks" from Katie, and loads more stuff. Reese was given a doll baby, Holiday Barbie (to start her collection), and my baby doll cradle! I was so excited to see it!

My Mom gave me an incredible gift! My grandmother had a ceramic Christmas Tree that has little lights in it. For as long as I can remember it's been in my Mom's house, but a few years ago she gave it to Pucka to decorate his bachelor pad. He's getting married next week and he's going to give it back to her, and she's giving it me! I am SO excited to have it. I can't wait to use it to decorate my house and to pass it down to Reese one day!

We came back home and made fresh cookies for Santa, watched some Christmas shows, tucked Baby Jesus into the manger, and laid Christmas cookies out for Santa and Carrots for the Reindeer. These are a few pictures from the days festivities....
Merry Christmas Eve!
Running for the train table
Taking it all in
Checking out Daddy's new trash can (seriously, he wanted a new trash can for Christmas).
Looking at the Nascar toy from Uncle Marc and Aunt Apple
Reese looking at her Holiday Barbie
Reese's baby doll in my old cradle!
Tucking Baby Jesus in
Reese in her Christmas Jammies!
Cookies, carrots and milk!

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