Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ornament of the Day!

Sorry, I start off this super fun new blog theme and took a day off. Yesterday we had a lovely ceremony to honor Noelle. There were lots of people that really cared about her there and I know that she would have loved it. Brian and I were talking again about how many people's lives she touched and the joy that brings us. Thanks everyone for keeping your thoughts and prayers with us and her and for letting us know why you loved our girl too!

Today's ornaments of the day are my Smudges. My Aunt Kathleen gave me all three and I love them. I actually need to get a few more. They're handmade and they are awesome. They're personalized to commemorate each event with our names and everything too!

Engaged Christmas 2005! Check out the blinged out left hand!
Married Christmas 2006! And I went from blonde to brunette!
Pregnant Christmas 2006 with baby Wyatt. I need to get one for last Christmas too, even though I JUST found out!

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  1. Those ornaments are super cute! I especially love the one with the "baby bump"