Friday, December 12, 2008

Train Show!

Tonight we went to the Tidewater Big Train Operators Club's Holiday Train Show. When I was younger the train show took up the entire bay of my Dad's fire station. It got so big that it was moved to a church down the street. We decided that we definitely had to take Wyatt.

After dinner Brian and I loaded up the kids and went off to the show. My Dad and Katie (who is recovering from a death cold - that nasty RSV thing I think) met us at the show. Wyatt had the absolute best time ever watching the trains. There are several train set ups and each is very detailed. He was able to point out the different parts of each train and the animals and other things that surrounded the trains. One set up even included a drive in movie theater!

Wyatt lasted for about 45 minutes before the breakdown started. He wanted to touch the trains. Brian said that he could tell that the people were keeping and eye on Wyatt to make sure he didn't cross the ropes. Yeah, 'cause I'm gonna let my one and a half year old play with the expensive train displays! I thought he was going to fall asleep in the car, but he actually stayed awake until 9 tonight. Maybe we'll get to sleep in a little tomorrow. No kidding, Reese wakes up around 4 and goes right back down to sleep until 10. Either way, I'm the one waking up at 5:45 every morning to get to work, so I'll sleep in with Reese and Brian can wake up with the big kid!
Watching the trains with Daddy
Even the Disney Princesses have cars on the train. An idea for Reese!
Brian, Wyatt, Reese, Katie and my Dad watching the trains
Looking for the engine
The carnival train
A "burning" house with a fire truck
Looking for Thomas with Aunt Katie
Reese watching the train!

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