Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Lights!

In addition to the million other things we've done this weekend, we went to Holiday Lights at the Beach! We decided to get going early because we were worried about waiting in the car with two kids on a weekend, but there was virtually no wait! On the way to the boardwalk we passed light displays hanging from the street lights, and Wyatt would point to them and say what some of them were. Brian and I always take the IPOD or some CDs because to be honest, the CD they give you is crap. We are some Christmas Music loving fools in this house!

Reese started screaming as soon as we rolled onto the boardwalk, but fortunately stopped within two minutes. Wyatt liked the lights, but a highlight for him was seeing the horse drawn carriages going down the boardwalk, because he LOVES horsies! He kept pointing to everything that he knew and telling us what things were. He was so excited to see Santa and the reindeer flying off the pier! For the record this is what he said, "'Ook at the reindeer. Reindeer fly. Reindeer fly Santa." So different from last year when he was sitting in his rear facing car seat asleep!
Santa and the reindeer
A monster truck
The nativity

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  1. Your camera took such clear pictures of the lights! What kind do you have? Our pictures on the boardwalk didn't turn out! I think Santa might have to bring me a new camera for Christmas :)