Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Wyatt's Been Up To

So things have been so crazy that I haven't given a Wyatt update. On Monday his new Fisher Price Nativity came. We set it up for him and he's gotten very good at saying "Baby Deezus." He likes to play with the set, and he loves all the animals that came with it to go around the manger. That very same night I opened up one of our Christmas boxes and found out a snow globe (one that I loved) had leaked all over the box. Our Christmas Tree Skirt, a few small decorations and our Nativity were all ruined by mold. We bought a new skirt last year after Christmas so we don't need to go buy one, but we do need a new Nativity.

On Thursday night we opened another Little People toy that we got for Wyatt that has Santa Claus and his reindeer. Wyatt likes to take the reindeer around the house and throw them, which I've interpreted as him teaching them to fly. This morning we were playing with the Little People Nativity and I left to go fold some laundry. When I came back in the playroom I saw this:
Yes, I did not know that Santa Claus was present present at the birth of Jesus. It's supposed to be an angel, but Wyatt thought Santa Claus belonged up there.....

Wyatt loves this show called Zoboomafoo on PBS Sprout. The other day I was cleaning the kitchen and I looked up and saw Wyatt watching with his friend....

Yes, he is holding the monkey's hand

Reese is the most easy going baby. She and Wyatt are complete opposites in terms of their dispositions as babies. Wyatt wanted to be held and entertained. Reese is good sitting in her bouncy seat as long as I'm within her realm of vision. I'm afraid that she's my clingy baby though. She loves her Mommy. If she's crying, all I have to do is pick her up and she stops. And she's not even very fussy! I secretly love how much she loves to be with me because my son is SO not a Momma's Boy!

In her bouncy seat

Practicing her standing skills

Brian spoke to the Emergency Vet this morning, and Noelle's transfusion and clotting test went well. She's been eating and she went on a walk with the help of a sling this morning. Brian's going to go see her and speak to the Vet, but there's a very good chance she's coming home today. We are soooo thankful that she came through this and that she's coming home. I'm so proud of how she's handled the whole situation. This doesn't mean she's out of the woods, the Vets seem to think that she's got about six more months...but we'll take every second we can get!

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  1. We also have the Santa and Reindeer toy. Ryleigh enjoys throwing the reindeer as well, although hers are more or less directed at her older sister! So much for her pretending to make them fly!