Sunday, December 7, 2008

Great Bridge Christmas Parade

Brian and I had decided last weekend that we were going to take Wyatt and Reese to the Great Bridge Christmas Parade last night. We didn't want Wyatt to miss out on a parade (the Virginia Beach parade was last night too), and Brian and I couldn't sit around the house all night. It's not easy because Noelle is everywhere. I opened the fridge and broke down because her food was right in front of me. Considering the fact that she may have been the most photographed dog ever, there are pictures all over the place. We just needed to get out.

So we went to the parade. It was pretty cold out, so we bundled Wyatt up in a sweatshirt and a coat and a hat. Reese got to wear a few layers of onesies, then a warm sleeper and a penguin costume to keep her warm. Yes, a penguin costume. My Mom bought it for Wyatt, but he never wore it. So I decided that since it looked warm she would wear it. And it kept her very warm!

Wyatt had a blast watching the police cars and the fire trucks. There were some lulls in the parade (is it necessary to have the entire City Council and School Board drive by in Sports Cars? I don't think so), but there were some pretty neat floats too. He recognized "Cooby Doo" and the Mystery Machine. He also LOVED the marching bands. He kept saying "Drum." Brian was pretty interested in those too. At one point the drumline (a movie I could watch over and over again) ended up in front of us and both boys were both just staring at drums. I know Wyatt was thinking "wow," and Brian was wondering if he could still do it. He used to play the drums, and we have a complete drum set in the garage, but I don't know when the last time he played was. Probably since the last time I played the violin. Scratch that. I actually picked it up like a year ago. I still have some Bach memorized thanks to my ninth grade Orchestra teacher. Geeeez, that was over ten years ago....

The parade was so long that we couldn't stay to see Santa. After two hours he still hadn't made an appearance and Wyatt was getting restless, so we left. Wyatt passed out on the ride home. He had a great time!
Smiling walking to the parade with Baba and Mimi
Touching the "pagan," which is what he calls penguins
Kissing his sister. He is such a ham in front of the camera
Looking at the drums
Wearing his fireman hat backwards
Captivated by some cheerleaders
Reese and I!
Doesn't she looked thrilled?

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