Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hopes Dashed and the Loss of our Girl

We lost Noelle today. We had high hopes this morning when the Vet gave us good news, but Brian quickly learned that her kidney levels hadn't improved and she had more bloody stool. We had to make the thoughest decision ever and let her go. We were with her for about two hours beforehand and she was giving Brian kisses and I brought her animal crackers from home to eat.

Noelle was an incredible dog. She was loved by a lot of people and she could put a smile on anyone's face. We have some fantastic memories of our time with her and we will miss her everyday. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts.


  1. So, so sorry. I lost my Annie after 16 years together, and still miss her everyday. Big hugs to you and especially to Brian.

  2. i'm so sorry brittney- i can't even imagine how horrible it is- especially this time of year. sending big hugs and kisses- and bailey sends lots of doggy licks to wipe your tears away.