Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart and the Very Next Day You Walked Anyway

Here is Christmas 2007 in Pictures....
Brian and I have a tradition of looking at the scrapbook that he used to propose on Christmas Eve. I've since updated it with pictures post-proposal, and last year I told him I had something special to tell him about Wyatt. I made him close his eyes and showed him this surprise!
Last year's tree after Santa Claus came!
I love how my baby boy is looking at me here!
Oh Glorious Rav-4...what a wondrous Christmas gift!
Brian and his favorite people...minus me of course!
Wyatt in front of the tree and the presents at Mimi and Baba's
Inspecting Pooh. "Sweet little birdie, tweet tweet little birdie, your happy song brightens up my day."
Sitting with Mimi next to her Yankee Tree (we really are serious about those Yankees...how 'bout that Mark Texeira signing today...Merry Christmas!)
Noelle last Christmas
Brian showing Noelle a black lab from Allison and T
Wyatt eating rice cereal. What a difference a year makes!
No words.
We saved some presents for Wyatt to open the day after Christmas. Little did we know that would be the day he took his first steps by himself! At 8 months, 26 days Wyatt walked alone! Hopefully Reese waits a little longer, or I've only got 4 months and 28 days before she's on the move. I'm not a parent who looks forward to this developmental milestone. Our old camera easily toggled between black and white and color photos. I miss that!
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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  1. He is so cute! You can really see how he and Reese look alike in the pictures. Love it! :)