Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finished...Kind of...

So today I got Brian's last gift! Yay me! I'm still waiting on a delivery from Amazon for him, but everything else for him is wrapped. Reese is done. This morning Brian went to Conte's and got Wyatt his trike. In an awesome development, Brian found the trike that we wanted at Conte's right before he ordered it online and was about to pay some exorbitant amount of money for shipping. He may have paid a bit more at the bike shop, but it was a lot less than shipping something to arrive tomorrow. I stopped and got his hockey/soccer set on the way home and Wyatt is done! Almost...I'm about to be out of tape and I realized we still need Animal Crackers and Goldfish for Wyatt's stocking. Although I did remember to get everything I need for breakfast on Christmas morning, including Cinnamon Rolls to celebrate Baby Jesus' birthday (candles and singing Happy Birthday to You will ensue).

Anyway, I'm hoping that Brian can stop on the way home...but we'll see. We've got less than 24 hours until my family's Christmas festivities begin in Moyock!

On a kind of separate note...
My Mom has always given me fresh PJ's on Christmas Eve. Wyatt and Reese both already have Christmas Pajamas that they've worn before. I'm contemplating wrapping them and still opening the PJ's on Christmas Eve just to start the tradition...thoughts?

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  1. Here's the REAL question. Do you remember your Christmas PJs from when you were two and under?

    (If the answer is "No", then I'd say wrap 'em up!)