Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wyatt's hives were gone on Monday afternoon. I talked to the Pediatrician's Nurse and she said to give him Benadryl and to call back if they were still there on Tuesday. Apparently little kids can just get hives for 4-5 days for some unknown reason. News to me. Thankfully, it's gone.


But Noelle is very sick. Very, very sick. We've known for awhile that her painkillers can cause kidney failure. We took her off of those in August. Over the last few months we've noticed that she's just not as active or even the same dog without them. Personality wise she's still the same amazing dog, but she's held back physically. So right before we left for Disney we started her on another medicine that would help her with pain. I'm not kidding you, when we came back we saw a new dog. She was active and happy. I saw her jump. Noelle hasn't jumped in awhile. Then about a week ago, her special food that has just a little protein no longer interested her. We started boiling chicken and rice (a Noelle favorite) for her to eat and we mixed it with her other food. She still wasn't eating much, but she was eating. Yesterday Brian was concerned about her behaviour so he took her to the Vet.

We don't have great news. Noelle's kidney values weren't good, so she stayed at the Vet yesterday to be re-hydrated. Basically (and I can't tell you how hard this is for me to even type), we're kind of waiting to see how the IV fluids help. Tonight we're picking her up from the Vet, where she's been all day today being given fluids, to take her to the Emergency Vet overnight so that she can continue to receive them. Tomorrow morning we have to take her back to our Vet so that we can assess how the treatment worked and decide on our next course of action.

Noelle is a constant source of happiness for all of us, but she is Brian's dog. She has given him unconditional love and support, a ton of laughs and a lot of happiness over the last fifteen years. I can't even begin to tell you what he has given her...except to say that I have never met a person who cared about their dog more than my husband. Everytime the Vet recommends something, he researches it. If he's concerned about something, it's immediately treated. For goodness sake, the man asked for a ton of tests for her every six months (including ultrasounds and X Rays), and the Vet thought it was so effective that they packaged it together and started offering it to everyone! But the Vet treatment is just the beginning. I think the very best thing I can say is that from the moment I saw Brian with Noelle I knew that if he treated his children with the love and care that he gave her, he would be the greatest!

We have hope that she'll be okay once she's been given the fluids, but at this point we don't really know what else is being affected, or what to do if her pain can no longer be managed to make her comfortable. Please keep our precious puppy Noelley in your prayers...

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