Monday, December 22, 2008

Failed Miserably and One Year

So, I was doing pretty well with the ornaments for a little bit...but not so much in the last week. There's too much to do! Wrapping, shopping, holiday activities...I'm stressed out! Fortunately I'm caught up on all of my wrapping, so it should make the next few days a little less stressful. I have one more present for Brian, but I've got everything else and his stocking is done. Reese is finished. Wyatt is...not. That's all in Brian's hands though!

I'm working for the next two days, but tomorrow is Brian's last day of work for the next week and a half. Our Christmas Eve will consist of leaving for my grandfather's house in Moyock for a late lunch, and then spending the evening with my parents and brother, future sister in law and sister. We'll come home and wear our new pajamas to bed and wake up for breakfast and presents. We plan on leaving for Brian's parents' house early and spending the day and probably the night there.

Today marks one year since I discovered I was pregnant with Reese! I knew it before the test came back positive (I took it really 3 days early). I was absolutely sure that the baby we wanted was coming...and I was right! Looking back, I'm still surprised that I was able to keep it a secret for two whole days!

Here are some of Wyatt's First Christmas Ornaments from last year!

Mickey Mouse on a ricking horse
Winnie the Pooh Lenox
Winnie the Pooh and Piglet
Yeah, this ornament still needs a picture in it!

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