Monday, December 15, 2008


So as mentioned, we went to the horrendous, disgusting Wal Mart yesterday morning. We went to perfect, wonderful Target last night. We are some shopping fools, but 'tis the season!

My son has teetered over the edge of being ridiculous. Perhaps all of the shopping has gone to his head. Perhaps he's an attention seeker. Either way, he's just plain precocious.

I kid you not, at both check out lanes yesterday, this is what happened.....

I was carrying Reese in her Baby Bjorn thing and Wyatt was sitting in the cart. Brian was loading bags into the cart and I was waiting to pay. Reese and I were standing right next to Wyatt. Wyatt looks right at the cashier and reaches out his arm. While still looking at the cashier he says "Hey Baby Giiiiiiwl. Hey baby. Ook at the baaaaby! Give baby a kiss, Momma? Give Baby Sissy a kiss? Awwww Baby Giwl. Pieces, Pieces!"

He says all of these sweet, charming things to his baby sister while not looking at her once. He stares directly at the cashier and waits for her to tell him how cute he is. He then proceeds to repeat his clever little ploy for attention until we leave the store.

He might be a little full of himself.

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  1. I <3 Target. When I win the lottery, I plan to buy my own and put it in the backyard!