Thursday, September 18, 2008

And It's Official

I sucked a ton of snot out of Reese's nose with the nasal aspirator when she woke up crying (probably because she couldn't breathe through her nose), so I called the Pediatrician's office and left a detailed message including the fact that as of today she's only been out of the NICU for two weeks, why she was in the NICU and which doctor she sees in case they wanted to talk to him before the called me back.

In 5 minutes, they returned my call, had spoken to the Pediatrician and had a list of things for me to do. I need to give her saline drops before she eats a few times a day (done, we have some on hand), keep sucking all the gunk our of her nose, monitor her feedings and diapers, prop her up to sleep so everything can drain (by putting her in her swing or something under the mattress), and monitor her temperature. If she develops a fever or isn't eating or pooping or peeing regularly I need to call and they'll fit me in ASAP. I hope she gets better soon! I feel so bad for her!

Wyatt must be worn out from his cold. The day that I've set aside time to cut him fresh oranges and strawberries and have his lunch ready by 2 is the day that he extends his 2 hour nap to 2 and a half hours...and running! I used to feed him before his nap, but then he started falling asleep in his high chair, so I just give him a late snack...and apparently he's not hungry yet....

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