Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waiting to See

Reese woke up this morning sounding a little congested. I can't tell you how much I absolutely hate the fact that she's might be sick. I'm waiting to see how she sounds when she wakes up from her nap right now. There's no snot or anything and she seems fine when she's awake, but if she sounds bad when she wakes up I'll call the nurse's line at the Pediatrician's office. I don't know if this is bad given her history (it's weird to say that my 3 and a half week old has a history), so I'm waiting to see.

Wyatt seems to be okay with the exception of the snotty nose. He's stopped coughing (I guess that was just a one night thing) and he's his usual chipper self. I put him down for his nap and I'm hoping that the jet noise calms down for the next hour or two....he usually sleeps through it but they've been exceptionally loud today. I wouldn't live where I live if I didn't love jet noise (trust me - love it, appreciate all that they do!), but I'm trying to cut down on the power bill and leave the windows open! And they've literally been shaking the house all day. There's an air show this weekend and they have been practicing all week, and I've seen some jets here that I don't think stationed are here and are louder than our typical noise.

Here are some pictures of the sky outside our house last night. Brian was putting crabgrass killer down and came in and called me to come see, so we snapped a few shots. Those are followed by Reese wrapped up and ready for bed last night. She looked so cute!

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  1. Britt - I think Reese looks a little cyanotic here - the nares are flared. You knew you were going to get this once I was in nursing school! Don't worry, this is not a professional opinion.