Monday, September 22, 2008

Some Stuff

Today the kids and I are just hanging out around the house...typical. Reese was able to take two trips out of the house this weekend for the first time. We went to the Home Depot on Friday to look for the lock for the patio door to keep Wyatt in, and yesterday was a big moment. She took her very first trip to Target. She lost a sock. We found it. We bought some stuff. She slept the whole time.

Last night we watched the final game at Yankee Stadium. I think they did it really well. Everyone today is commenting on the fact that Roger Clemens got left out of some video tribute and that he was missing from the ceremony, due the whole steroids scandal. I guess their main point is that Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi, two current Yankees, were included and honored. I think there's one big difference. Pettitte and Giambi have both acknowledged what they've done while Clemens is fighting it tooth and nail. Maybe if he'd just 'fessed up like everyone else there'd be no problems. I don't know. I honestly don't care. My favorite Yankees were all there, from Yogi Berra to Willie Randolph to Paul O'Neill, Bernie Williams and Tino Martinez to the Captain himself, Derek Jeter along with Jorge Posada and Johnny Damon. I thought it was a great night and I enjoyed Derek Jeter's comments at the end of the game.

Brian and I are trying to finalize what we're doing for our anniversary tomorrow. To go out, or stay home and go out later. The main problem is the feeding situation with Reese. The advice we've gotten from the lactation consultant and the Pediatrician was to wait until she was 4 weeks old to give her a bottle to avoid nipple confusion. She had a bottle in the hospital and was fine with breastfeeding (and actually preferred it), but I don't want to chance her not wanting to keep breastfeeding. She's 4 weeks old today so she can have a bottle, but I thought about waiting until next week to give her one because she's only been breastfeeding for 3 weeks now. I never experienced problems with Wyatt after we gave him his bottle at first. He was only getting one occasionally and she would too. He only started having a few meltdowns when he started teething. And even then, he was fine. I don't want to put off giving her the bottle for too long because she'll need to take one when I go to work. I think that I will probably have Brian give her a bottle tonight (I won't give her any bottles so that she always expects breastfeeding from me) and then we might go to dinner tomorrow. And that's it.

Or maybe we'll do what we did last year and have all the things that we didn't get at our wedding reception for dinner. We had shrimp and sushi and chocolate covered strawberries....but we got none of it because the shrimp and the sushi were appetizers and we were still taking pictures (and the staff saved some for us, we just never got around to eating it), and the chocolate covered strawberries were gone before we knew it. We got the rest of the food, just not the stuff we'd paid extra to have! So last year on the night before our anniversary, we went to the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner and then went and stayed at the hotel we stayed at after the wedding before we went on the honeymoon tour. That was the first time we left Wyatt alone overnight. The next day, on our actual anniversary, Brian surprised me with the shrimp, sushi, chocolate covered strawberry dinner (he made the strawberries himself) and we exchanged our gifts. I don't know what we're going to do, I hope we figure it out tonight!

Wyatt found the sports section form yesterday's paper, saw the football on the cover and said "Hut one, hut two," and started reading.

Readin about the Ryder Cup

Reese in her swing

Looking out the window

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