Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meeting the Cousins!

Today was a big day for baby Reese! First, Didi (my mom) stopped by to see her this morning for a little bit. This afternoon she had a bigger group of visitors come see her! Brian's parents, Aunt Allison, Colin and Baby Piper all came over! She got to meet her cousins for the first time and she got to see Aunt Allison for the first time since she was in the hospital.

The first thing that Colin asked when he walked in the door was "Is Wyatt home?" That was really nice to hear because I was afraid that with their age difference (2 and a half years) they wouldn't be able to play together, or might not like to. But Colin asked me 3 times before Wyatt walked in the door a half an hour later, so I knew he was excited to see him. The boys had a blast playing together. Colin would run in a circle around Wyatt, and Wyatt would turn to look at him until he got dizzy and fell down on the floor.

Piper looked at her "baby cousin" and babbled and then proceeded to try to put Reese's fingers in her mouth. But she smiled and looked so cute staring at Reese. Colin asked if he could hold her and then he went and washed his hands and sat down on the couch. He held her until she started crying and then gave her to me so I could feed her. Once I was done he asked if he could hold her again, so he climbed back up on the couch and I gave her back. At the end he told me that my baby was "nice" just like his baby.
Piper trying to figure what Reese is doing
Staring at her baby cousin
Wyatt giving Piper a kiss
Colin holding Reese
Piper getting some much needed sleep in Reese's swing

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