Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Shiner

Wyatt has gotten two black eyes in the last six months. The first he earned running through the house and tripping and hitting the TV stand. That happened right before his one year pictures. The evidence is photographed and hanging on the wall. The pictures are really cute though.

The second he got when he tried to be brave and walk down the steps at my Mom's house (there's only 4) about 3 weeks ago. I saw him walk towards the stairs and jumped up right as he fell down the bottom two (I moved way faster than I should have considering that I'd just had a C Section 4 days before). I scooped him up (again, probably not something I should have done) and immediately knew his eye was about to turn black and blue. I broke down when that happened. Wyatt was screaming, and all I could think was that one of my babies was in the NICU and I couldn't even keep up with my other one. I think I cried with him for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, last night we had another black eye fall on the family. This one did not happen to Wyatt, it happened because of him. Wyatt and Brian were being boys and rolling around and Brian got whacked right under his eye by the unlikeliest of foes. A Wonder Pets toy. Wyatt has a little Wonder Pets traveling kit that almost folds up like a lunch box. Well he had it in his hand and swung his arm around and a sharp corner hit Brian's eye. Brian shouted "Ow!" and grabbed his eye and was bent over. Wyatt walked over to Brian and said "Where Daddy go?" because he thought that Brian was playing peekaboo. But he wasn't. I could tell he was getting a black eye as soon as I saw it. Fortunately, Brian recovered and has since moved on with his life...with a black eye.

The Assailant

Wyatt Allan - 17.5 months old

The Weapon

The Wonder Pets Save the Puppy Kit - it came with Linny, not Tuck, but I can't find Linny right now. That minuscule puppy is the one that Wyatt continually loses and asks us to find...or knows where it is and asks us to find anyway.

The Damage

Brian and the black eye. Pitiful.

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