Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reese's First Bottle!

Brian and I decided that we were going to go out last night. For an entire whopping hour and fifteen minutes we left the kids alone with his parents to go have dinner. We missed Wyatt's bedtime and Reese staying awake the whole time. It was very nice to be able to go out and have dinner. I even got to have a drink! Of course, the downside of that one drink is the 6 ounces of milk that I dumped down the drain when I got home, but since she had a bottle standing by it wasn't too bad. Last time we went to Babies R Us I actually saw a this test for alcohol in breastmilk and was bewildered. I guess I just always thought it was best to dump it. Oh, and don't be a lush while you're feeding your kid.

We exchanged our gifts when we got home. I got Brian a Shamwow set (we see the commercial 85 times a morning while we watch Mike and Mike...if it really works, it'll be great for regular household use and for cleaning up after Noelle) and a hammock for his cotton gifts. Brian got me brand new towels and a towel warmer for the bathroom. I'm stoked! I hate the cold when I get out of the shower, and I really needed new towels. We got Brian some not too long ago because I ruined them (I have difficult skin that stays clear but only if I use stuff that destroys color in towels). I really wanted them, and he didn't even know. I was just waiting for a sale at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Anyway, in preparation for our big night out, Brian gave Reese her first bottle on Monday night. He really enjoyed being able to spend that time with her and feed her. She took the bottle pretty well. She did the same things she does when she breastfeeds, taking a few sips and then taking a break. In the beginning Brian thought she was done, but she was just pacing herself. She's a silly girl!

She's started having her tummy time now too. She played on her playmat and had some fun. She can lift her head up and move it around if she's being held, but she can't lay down and pick it up yet. While her playmat was out, Wyatt went over and started to play on it. We took some pictures of him on it too, just to use as blackmail in the future :).

Reese loving her bottle

Daddy feeding her

Reese on her playmat

Checking out the baby toys

Daddy wanted to check out the playmat too!

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