Saturday, September 20, 2008


The kids seem to be getting better, and they're taking their colds like little troopers. Both are still sleeping well and it's not getting them down. I just wish that they weren't sick!

Brian bought me my Rav-4 for Christmas last year and he didn't trade my old car (an '02 Nissan Sentra) in because he wanted it to be a surprise. We'd tried advertising to get the car sold to no avail and since it was paid off we just kind of forgot about it with the pregnancy and the demands on Brian's time in the summer. Yesterday we had the car jumped (it's literally been sitting in the driveway for 8 months) and Brian took it and got a new battery. He then took it to a local dealership that will buy your car even if you're not buying and got a really good deal. We'd heard that they were trying to get smaller cars with good gas mileage and my Sentra definitely fit that bill. We're both just excited that it's not in the driveway anymore and that we have the money for it. And we can take it off our car insurance policy. It's one big thing off of our to do list.

My dad finally came home from his long trip to Louisiana, Texas, Alabama and wherever else he got sent with the FEMA Team to wait for hurricanes to hit over the last three weeks. They got some clean up done in Texas and then came back. Today was the first time he'd seen Reese since she was 5 days old and still on the vent! And Wyatt's been walking around asking "Where Pop Pop go?" for goodness knows how long. We're all happy to have him back home!

Today we went to a new development not far from our current home to look at houses. We like our house for a lot of reasons, but there's things that are kind of prompting us to make a move. The main thing is the pool and the backyard. Clearly, even if you have grown kids who know how to swim pools aren't always that safe. With the current set up of the pool right off the back door, we really just worry as the kids get older. No matter what they'll have swim lessons and be little water babies, I just don't want to have to worry about it 24/7. Wyatt could get out of bed and go out to the pool, or I could be doing laundry and turn my back for just a's scary stuff. Plus, the pool and the concrete literally take up our entire backyard. There's about a foot on all sides of the concrete with grass and Wyatt and Brian need room to play. We're not ruling out putting a pool in once the kids are older, I just worry about them now. Plus, our home owner's insurance will probably go down :).

Anyway, we both really like the new development, we're just trying to figure out if the timing is right. Brian is going to call our real estate agent this week and talk to him so we can see what he thinks. I'm not getting my hopes up, but I'd love to have a backyard and things that I get to pick out myself. All the models had tons of cabinet space (something we're lacking in this house), spacious rooms, awesome master suites (we're really spoiled in this house, our room and bathroom are huge and we need to find a place that the furniture set that we bought will fit), and we like the look of all of them. But I'm sure we'll do some more looking. We just want to find a place where we know we'll be for years with great schools for the kids (we have a really great elementary school now, I'm just not a huge fan of the middle and high schools).

Anyway, that's what we've been up to this weekend. Brian and I still have to find the time to go shopping for anniversary presents. Our two year anniversary is Tuesday, and we stick to the "traditional" gifts. Last year was paper, so we got each other gifts that had paper. I added pages to the scrapbook that Brian had made when he proposed with pictures of our wedding and Wyatt. Brian wrote me a love note :). This year is cotton, which shouldn't be hard but somehow is posing a challenge. Plus, Brian ruined it for himself because he also had a blanket made for me last year with our names and wedding date. Guess he didn't look ahead. That'd be a great second anniversary "cotton" gift :)!

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