Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another Exciting Day!

This morning Brian and I went for our usual NICU visit to see our baby girl. She had a 9 am scheduled feeding and we'd decided that Brian would give her the bottle. I've pumped at least 140 ounces of milk since she was born so I've really been waiting for her to use it! Brian gave her the bottle like a pro, but once she had finished she let us know that she wanted more! Brian was holding her and she started rooting around like she was ready for some milk. Our nurse was very excited that she was doing this and ran to the Doctor's Office. She came and asked if I wanted to try and have her eat. Of course I did! We went ahead and set everything up to feed her and the nurse passed her to me. As soon as I pulled her to me she latched on! She did such a great job. Brian and I both were so proud of her. The doctor told us that she's completely done with antibiotic treatment as well and the sedatives, so now we just need Reese to eat and gain some weight and she can come home (hopefully in the next 2 days). I'm starting to worry about Hurricane Hanna that might be headed for us. I really am hesitant to bring her home with a hurricane headed our way.

Reese also got moved to a big girl bed today. She's not up high any more, she's just in the typical hospital bassinet. We were given a bunch of souvenirs from her stay so far (Brian was eager to take things - like her feeding tube - that I could probably have done without) for us to bring home.

So as of right now, we're looking at bringing our Baby Girl home in the next few days. I'm exhausted, so I'm going to bed and will post pictures tomorrow. I also hope to give a Wyatt update....but I need to get my sleep now!

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