Friday, September 12, 2008

My Babies!

I have a bunch of nicknames for Wyatt: "My Little Poozie," "My Little Poohzie-Wooziekins," just plain "Poohzie," "Wy-Wy," and "Wyzy- kins." Reese only has two nicknames from me (so far). Right now I call her my "Reesie Cup," (she's her Daddy's "Reesie Piecey") and "Bubbles" because when she was in the hospital and hooked up to C-PAP and on the vent she used to have little bubbles come out of her mouth.

Wyatt's nicknames all mainly stemmed from the pictures below. After I saw him in this gown and hat I couldn't help myself. Tonight we put Reese in the same one (although she has on her little pink Pooh socks with it). Here are some comparison shots of my babies at the same age in the same outfit.

Here's Wyatt!
Here's Reese!



Wyatt and Reese! When he saw her he said "Sissy. Pooh!" He likes giving her kisses. This picture would indicate that she's not a fan. But he does give some slobbery kisses!

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