Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I married my very best friend in the world! Everything about our wedding was perfect. From the perfect proposal, to the planning (we actually agreed on everything, and Brian was very involved in the planning), to the rehearsal dinner and finally our perfect day!

We always knew that we wanted the day to be about "Brian & Brittney." The only thing Brian really wanted was Noelle to be in the wedding. That was the biggest holdout for the planning, but we finally found a church (the one Brian went to growing up) that would let us bring her in to be a part of our day. Noelle is such a huge part of Brian's life (and mine) and it wouldn't have been right if she hadn't been there. Hearing her drinking water out of her bowl while we were saying our vows made us both laugh and was perfect! The way she broke free of Brian's Dad when he let her go when we were walking up together at the end and followed us out was perfect.

Words can't describe how I felt walking down the aisle and seeing Brian, my very best friend, at the end. I love him more than anything in this world, and for as long as I can remember (at least for the last 8 years), all that I've ever wanted was to marry him and have his babies and be his wife and share our lives. Standing in front of him and saying our vows in front of our friends and family felt like the most "right" thing I'd ever done in my whole life (and it was!). The ceremony was perfect!

The few moments we were able to carve out alone after the ceremony and during the reception were perfect (seriously, a few moments). Just to have that time together where we could enjoy and celebrate the fact that we were married was priceless. I'll never forget standing in the Pastor's office with Brian and Noelle immediately after we were married. It was amazing! The few minutes we had together at the reception while the photographer took her final pictures (and Brian chugged the glass of champagne I'd been holding in my hand, unsipped for the last 20 minutes) were perfect.

Our reception was great. We had the formal dances, the cake cutting, we made the rounds and said hi to our friends and family, threw the garter, threw the bouquet (neither of them are married yet by the way...someone needs to get a move on!), and then the party started. Well, courtesy of Steve (or as my mother continues to call him to this day, "The Wedding Crasher," she had no idea who he was and was convinced that the huge guy doing pirouettes around the dance floor snuck in) who requested "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and got the party started. Who knew that could start a party? Not me. But we had a blast with our friends on the dance floor, all of them drunk courtesy of the open bar, while I had the time of my life stone cold sober! Even Brian was dancing. He doesn't dance, but he did at our reception. And that was perfect.

Leaving and knowing that were finally married. Our honeymoon tour on the cruise and swimming with the dolphins in Orlando. Coming to "our" home and being carried over the threshold (at last the house was finally mine too)! Even the surprise of finding out about the baby, which became Wyatt, two months before the ceremony was perfect. I still fit in my perfect dress, which I'd had my final fitting for the day I found out about him. He was there with us (in a miniscule version) when we got married, went on our honeymoon and came home. Immediately starting to get ready for our growing family, all of it was perfect. And none of it would have been if I didn't have Brian by my side. I am the luckiest girl on the planet to be married to him and to have our amazing family. I love him :)!

Getting ready with Carolyn and Darcy. So helpful to have a best friend and bridesmaid who worked for Clinique.

Brian and Noelle (with her pretty flowered collar) right before the ceremony.

I love this picture of Colin playing with keys!

Uncle Brian and Colin before the ceremony

Walking up the aisle after the ceremony with Noelle in toe. One of my favorite pictures from the day!

Me and my cousin Madison, the flower girl!

Me and my grandfather

Leaving the church to go to the reception

Sitting at the sweetheart table trying to shovel down some food
My cake, which was supposed to be topperless until some smartass snuck this one on! Fortunately, I wasn't a Bridezilla and I don't hold a grudge. Do I Dave?

Eating our cake. I told Brian that he had to be lovey.

Another one of my favorite shots. I think my brother forgot the words to his speech. I bucked tradition and had a "Man of Honor" instead of a "Maid."

Partying on the dance floor! Yes, after all the formal stuff, Brian put on a black and white Yankees hat. He's that serious.

Seriously, put on some techno, and Ryan Mack will dance!

One of my favorite pictures of my husband ever.


  1. Happy Anniversary Brian and Brittney! We were thrilled to be a part of it! My Colin is so cute!!!!!

  2. How sweet. I had a man of honor baby bro! His only demand was that I not make him hold my bouquet during the ceremony. haha

    (by the way, i'm allison's friend)