Thursday, September 25, 2008

One Month Old!

I can not believe that our little Reese is one month old today. The last month has been the biggest roller coaster ride of my life. I can't even look at the pictures of her right after she was born or connected to the machines yet. Every time I've tried, I just break down. I'm honestly not sure I would have gotten through it if I hadn't decided to be strong for her. It's silly, but every time I look at her pictures, all I can think about is how excited I was sitting in my recovery room waiting for Brian to bring her to me and then how frightened I was when he came and told me that she was in the NICU. But Reese pulled through all of it like a trooper, we're so proud of her!

She is doing so much better! She still has her little cold (for the record, so does my snot nosed almost eighteen month old), but other than that she's doing wonderfully. She's gaining control of her little head, she focusing on things and people when she looks at them, and I got her first smile (real smile) this morning! She's been giving me gas smiles for a little bit now, but when I saw her really smile I was so happy. I'll try to get a picture of it, but it's not likely that I'll catch it!

Wyatt is learning at least 3 new words a day now. On Tuesday is was "Reese's Pieces." But it comes out as "Piecees, piecees." Yesterday it was gross, disgusting and home. As in "Wyatt, your nose is gross and disgusting!" and "Daddy's Home!" Last night Brian was watching the Yankees game and he ran in the room and shouted "Yankees!," which comes out sounding more like "Ankeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" So far today his new words are dinosaur, nasty and pouring. It's a disgusting day. We've decided to stay in our pajamas.

My recovery is going really well! I've got 4 pounds left to get to pre-Reese weight, and I now feel like I can hop on the elliptical to get some exercise. I've wanted to go walking at the very least, but we've been keeping Reese in so I haven't been able to. The only thing that really still bothers me is the place where they gave me the spinal. It was really bruised and now is very light yellow (like the end of a bruise), and is still sore at times. I don't know if that's normal or not because I got an epidural last time and it didn't hurt, but I go for my follow up appointment on October 13 so I'll find out then.
Here's Reese this morning at 10:07 when she turned one month old!

Waking up

Still waking up, and kind of smiling

And she fell back asleep

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