Saturday, September 27, 2008


We went to get the kids' pictures taken yesterday. We got them done individually and then together. They came out pretty good. Wyatt wasn't being very cooperative with his individual pictures (the word "no" was used pretty frequently). He was happy when he was able to "hold" Reese and have his picture taken with her. She did wonderfully and has her eyes open in all of her pictures. I'm pretty pleased with what we have, but I'm starting to wonder what we're going to do with all of these pictures...our walls are getting filled up with all of these pictures of our kids!
Wyatt asked me yesterday for some "duice, pease." When I asked him where his cup was he grabbed my hand and took me over to the fridge, where I found his sippy cup sitting on the ice/water dispenser section. We usually water down his juice, so I guess he thought that was where it needed to be to get filled?

Reese is starting to hold her head up really well, and she's doing a wonderful job sleeping for me! She's only waking up once in the middle of the night and it seriously takes 15 minutes for me to get her back down! She is much better at the sleeping thing than her big brother was. Brian and I were just discussing how her NICU experience shaped her as baby. She can put herself to sleep, which Wyatt couldn't do until he was 6 months old. Part of that we attribute to the NICU experience, but I think the fact that this isn't our first go 'round with a baby is also a factor. There's just certain, well I wouldn't call them "mistakes," but things we did (like holding him and patting his butt until he fell asleep, picking him up every time he cried) that we couldn't do now if we wanted because of her big brother. I wouldn't trade either experience with my babies though. It was nice to have that time with Wyatt. No one ever tells you with your first baby to take advantage of the private time to bond with your baby. With two, you're breastfeeding one and the other one is either standing right next to you, staring intently saying "baby eating, baby eating," or he's running around the house getting into things that he shouldn't. At the same time, while I was pregnant with Reese, I felt like I was missing out on something with Wyatt because I couldn't keep up with him all the time. Today we went to my parents' house for my grandmother's birthday party and every time I needed to get up to chase Wyatt up and down stairs (they have 4 small ones into their den) or around the house, I could actually do it without getting exhausted. And it felt great. At this point it's nice to finally have some sort of balance.

Here's a few shots of Reese including one of her showing off her head holding skills!

Holding her head up to look at Daddy! If you look closely in the bottom of the lamp you'll see the Wonder Pets Puppy. That's one of its favorite "hiding" spots.

Hanging out on her boppy


I'm trying to get as many shots of her eyes while they're still blue as I can. Between my brown and eyes and Brian's green eyes, I don't think they're staying this blue.

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